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Finding a way to create a smooth and integrated customer experience is simply what I love to do.

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Bloodworks NW

UX Design — research to prototyping

BaseCamp 37°

UX Research, Strategy

Good to Go

User Research


UX Design — research to prototyping

The Beautiful Project

UX Design

Adventure Pet Shop

Information Architecture


I also have experience building websites, brands and marketing campaigns.

Web Design/Build

Various projects

Brand Development

Various Projects

Graphic Design

Various Projects


Hi. I am Jen Bailey, a UX/UI designer living in Seattle, WA.

After umpteen years of driving concept-oriented graphic design, I am now advocating for customer-focused product design at Safeco (a Liberty Mutual company). And I freaking love it. You might be wondering, how can a person love the insurance industry? Well, it’s not what it is but how it is. The story of what is happening is captivating. Can a giant insurance company that’s been around for 60+ years be a new kind of success by creating customer-centric products using design thinking in an agile process? That’s what we are aiming for.

I have a healthy(?) obsession with understanding why people do the things they do. Not only that but how better to communicate in an compelling way by stripping out the formulaic or superfluous and replacing it with authenticity. Because ultimately understanding others and being able to communicate authentically gives meaningful connections. I believe this has everything to do with driving business sucess.

All that is to say that I meet targeted business goals by working with product owners to create solutions that enhance customer experiences. I can deliver a curious, positive, tenacious, hard-working, focused, growth mindset. It’s true!

Recent Education

I completed the UX Certification program at School of Visual Concepts in the Spring on 2018. Previously, I was in the Web Design program at Seattle Central College.

Nuts and Bolts

Not only do I have up-to-date UX education and experience, for many years I have built functional and concept-driven visual design. Expedia, Liberty Mutual, Microsoft, Safeco, and T-Mobile, are some of the bigger well-known corporations I have done work for or worked for. I have also designed for many many small to mid-size businesses in house, as a consultant or on a team in an agency. I have created infographics, brands, marketing campaigns, websites, advertising and tradeshow exhibits. I have also designed and built websites using Bootstrap, Wordpress and just plain ol’ HTML and CSS (like this website).


Research Building Hardware Graphic design
Contextual interviews Information architecture Adobe CC Marketing campaigns
Comparative reviews Wireframing Axure Pro Advertising
Affinity Diagramming Prototyping Sketch Web design
User personas Prototype testing Invision Print design
Problem statements A/B testing HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery Exhibits

Here is my resumé.

Very soon I will have my blog up and running. In the meantime, check out this article I wrote called "The Promise of Universal Design."

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