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Daily Thought

Beauty begins the moment you deicde to be yourself -Coco Chanel

Recent Blog Posts

Image taken by Ari Cohen of Advanced Style
June 12, 2016

Advanced Style

Some of New York City’s senior women are getting recognized for their stunning fashion sense at Advanced Style.

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A woman with her hand to her heart looking down and smiling
June 3, 2016

Seeking the good

How to slow down that trash-talking inner critic and go to the good within your heart. A path away from the destructive.

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Welcome to The Beautiful Project!

Developing self-love is truly a journey, not a destination. A positive affirmation that a woman can see daily when looking in the mirror is just one step towards helping grow a sense of true inner beauty. Because what makes a woman beautiful isn’t flawless skin or a size 2 waistline. It’s how she thinks of herself.

The Beautiful Project is all about true beauty. It costs nothing, can be achieved by anyone and can never be taken away. It can delight and give joy and better yet—it can spread. Please have a look around. We hope you get inspired to take your own journey towards self-love.

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