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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is delivery?
    Delivery price can range from $15-$75 depending on the location and arrangements for the event. Our catering service area includes communities in the greater Seattle Area.

  2. Are disposables included?
    Yes, we include disposable plates, bowls, cups, napkins and cutlery as required.

  3. Do you provide bar service?
    No, we do not provide or serve alcohol. If you have questions about having alcohol at your event please contact us. We have worked with, and can make recommendations for, several bar services.

  4. Is a plated and served meal the same price as a buffet?
    A plated and served meal is more expensive than a self service buffet as it requires labor at the event.

  5. Is gratuity included in the menu pricing?
    If your event requires labor (staff members staying to serve), we charge an 18% gratuity based on your menu pricing. For instance, if you order $500 in food, your total with tax (6%) is $530. Gratuity would be $95.40.

  6. Are there labor charges?
    When an event requires Life’s Kitchen staff on site, there is a $25 per hour, per chef, labor charge.

  7. What are rentals?
    Rentals are anything needed besides food, serving equipment and disposable wares (which we provide). Rentals may include tables, chairs, china, linens, etc. Tate’s Tents and Events is our exclusive rental company.

  8. How much notice do you need for a catered event?
    We require a 7 day advance notice for catered events of 100 people or less, and 2 weeks advance notice for caterings of more than 100. We may still be able to fulfill your catering needs on shorter notice, but reserve the right to add a 10% late notice fee to recover our additional costs.

  9. When do I need to get a final guest count to the Catering Coordinator?
    Seven days prior to your event. Within those seven days we can accommodate reasonable increases in attendance, but not allow reduction in attendance numbers.

  10. To save on the delivery fee can I pick up the food?
    Yes. If you agree to pick up the food Monday through Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm, and agree to return all equipment the following business day.

  11. Can we sample the food?
    If you confirm Life’s Kitchen for your event, we will provide a small sampling at no cost. If you are shopping around and would like to sample, we will charge a fee depending on the samples and associated food costs.

  12. Is there a minimum order that needs to be placed for delivery?
    Yes, it is $150 Monday-Friday and $500 on the weekends.

  13. Can I see a list of references?
    Yes, we list several recommendations on our website, and we also keep a more extensive list we can provide upon request. We also have a client list that you may call for referral; please contact our Catering Coordinator for more details.

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